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Flat roofing materials

Flat roofing material on a terrace extension

With the wide range of flat roof materials available it can be difficult to decide which is best for your roofing project. So here we go through the pros and cons of the main types of materials to help you make the right decision for your home, garden or other roofing project.

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Prepare for winter!

gutter cleaning

With some weather forecasters predicting snow as early as October we’d better start preparing for the cold weather. That doesn’t just mean stocking up on hot water bottles and wooly socks but also checking your roof to make sure it

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Autumn checks prevent serious roof damage

We don’t spend much time worrying about our roofs during the summer months although the hot summer sun can cause expanding and contracting of tiles and their fittings. This hidden damage is rarely visible until the early autumn. The cold,

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The Ultimate solution for your flat roof at home

A flat roof is a common useful and cost effective solution for the roofing of all sorts of domestic outbuildings or extensions. from garages to porches, sheds to home extensions, amongst uk homes the flat roof is common. The advantages

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Construction in the NorthWest

roofing building north west

This article is the digest of reading a range of industry reports, financial figures & government reports. The aim has been to look for the opportunities in the construction market which as a whole has had a tough 5 years

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Fix the roof while the sun is shining!

roofing liverpool

There are numerous clichés reminding us of the wisdom of stopping things getting worse & fixing them at the right time. “a stitch in time saves nine!” is hardly what you want to hear when your suit pants are exposing

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Flat roofing materials

Flat roofing materials

May 5th, 2015

If you’re reading this article the chances are that you’ve a flat roofing issue on your mind. Your might be planning an exten[...]

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